Digital first: the Supertext Freelancer Convention 2020

This year’s Freelancer Convention took place online. Last Friday, super freelancers from 30 different countries dialed into the live keynotes and interactive sessions. In addition to the latest updates on Supertext, they also enjoyed discussions on two main topics: machines and motivation.

The “new normal” calls for new solutions, and as we planned this year’s Freelancer Convention, it rapidly became clear that the event would have to take place online. The upside? Freelancers across the world could participate regardless of their location. Our aim was to ensure that this convention was just as fun, interactive and focused on networking as last year’s.

Machine translation and maintaining motivation: responses to a new reality

Increasing numbers of clients are looking to NMT as a solution to the growing volume of content. In his keynote, Lucas Maire, Supertext’s Chief Language Officer, explained when machine translation is the right choice.


Watch the NMT session on YouTube


And the interactive session, in which participants identified songs that had taken a couple of spins in an automatic translation engine, proved that MT often falters when it comes to rare language combinations or creative texts. The conclusion: the greater the use of MT, the more important the work of post-editors becomes.

“Post-editors need strong tech skills, an open mind and an interest in further training.”

Lucas Maire, CLO of Supertext

To help everyone stay motivated in these difficult times, Frances Provine, our Head of English, then offered tips on positive thinking for stressed freelancers. Regular, honest communication and a focus on the future are the keys to a positive attitude.


Watch the “Good vibes” session on YouTube


Our virtual drinks reception then offered a further motivation boost, as freelancers and language managers chatted over a Grammartini and pondered the future of translation together.

Thank you to everyone who took part! We hope you had just as super a time as we did. Until next year!

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  • Thays Mielli am 15. September 2020 13:02 Uhr

    It was awesome! Many thanks for that opportunity!

  • Angela Lanza-Mariani am 18. September 2020 15:13 Uhr

    Glad you liked it, Thays. Thanks for joining!

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