Translations worth drinking to: Supertext translates wine guide

Cheers! Santé! Salute! Renowned wine specialist Casa del Vino turned to Supertext for help with its rebranding. Its flagship wine guide is now available in three languages, reaching private and hospitality-sector clients in Switzerland and beyond.

More than 200 pages of wine expertise

For once, you can judge a book by its cover: Casa del Vino’s new wine guide is not only beautifully designed but also packed with stunning images and in-depth information. Over more than 200 pages, readers can learn about the best wine regions and their most celebrated exports, with a particular focus on Spain and Italy. But this is more than just a list of wine specialists: the guide also tells the story behind these sophisticated tipples. And it demonstrates the added value created when the wine dealers Casa del Vino, Zanini and Weinkeller Riegger merged earlier this year to become one of the biggest players on the Swiss wine market. Triple the expertise on everything from tiny Mallorcan wineries to major Napa Valley vineyards – now available in three languages.

Putting in a good word for wine

The wine guide’s greatest strength is its images – and their captions. The challenge for Supertext was to translate 20,000 words into French and Italian while maintaining the highly visual, emotional style that characterizes wine descriptions. The language service provider called on its expert translators in the fields of enology and gastronomy – with results worth raising a glass to.





PSI – Ribera del Duero

Brilliant garnet in color, this wine has a subtle aroma of fresh red and black berries, combined with enticing floral notes and pronounced minerality. The finish is full-bodied and intense yet elegant and delicate, with perfectly balanced tannins and acidity. An exemplary Ribera del Duero with plenty of character.

Rouge grenat brillant. Arômes subtils de baies rouges et noires fraîches avec des notes florales séduisantes et une minéralité marquée. La bouche est puissante et intense, délicate et élégante, avec des tanins parfaitement équilibrés et une acidité tout aussi équilibrée. Un Ribera del Duero aux proportions exemplaires, avec beaucoup de caractère.

Color granato brillante. Aroma delicato di bacche fresche rosse e nere e inebrianti note floreali con spiccata sapidità. Deciso e intenso al palato, raffinato ed elegante con tannini perfettamente equilibrati e una corrispondente sferzata acida. Un Ribera del Duero dall’equilibrio esemplare con gran carattere.


Cover image via Casa del Vino

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