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Supertext takes medication app multilingual

The startup Innovation 6’s TOM app helps patients manage their medication intake – and it’s now available in five languages thanks to Supertext’s localization services.

Innovation 6’s TOM app launched in June 2020 and already has 65,000 active users thanks to its clear interface. Users add their prescription or select their medications from a database of more than 120,000 options, and the app then reminds them when to take pills, order refills or check for expired medication. What’s more, the Medi-Check feature offers advice about drug interactions and side effects directly from partner pharmacies – and more features are on the way. And now, thanks to Supertext’s app localization service, TOM is also available to international users.

Question-based assistance in five languages

So what makes TOM different from other reminder apps? Well, for one thing, it’s not menu-based. Instead, a database of questions allows users of all ages to navigate smoothly through the app. Supertext has now localized the original German questions – as well as all the other app content – into English, Spanish, French and Italian, making TOM accessible to users all around the world.

And after the language services provider’s expert medical translators had worked their magic on the app, they did the same with the website.

“My trusted language partner for 11 years”

Innovation 6 is CEO and founder Sven Beichler’s sixth startup – and Supertext has been part of his entrepreneurial vision right from the very first one: “Supertext has been my trusted language partner for more than 11 years thanks to its straightforward processes, high quality and quick turnaround times.”

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