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Educational, interactive and perfectly precise: our freelancer proofreading webinar

On Wednesday, Supertext hosted a webinar on the subject of proofreading – and freelancers from more than 25 countries joined the digital error hunt.

Why do errors happen? Why are they sometimes difficult to spot? And what’s the best way to correct them? Supertext’s Head of English, Frances Provine, answered all these questions and more in her webinar “Down to details – proofreading at Supertext.” She also discussed how readers perceive a text and mentally piece it together. For example, did you know that individual letters have no impact on our understanding of a text? Instead, our brains perceive patterns and use them to build sentences.

Try it yourself:

Next came some handy facts: Frances explained the differences between the various types of editing offered at Supertext, introduced the various online tools and processes we use and gave tips for successful proofreading. The presentation then finished with a Q&A session. Is it ever okay to make stylistic changes in a proofreading job? And why shouldn’t you use sticky notes to correct a PDF?

If you weren’t able to be there on Wednesday, you can get the answers in the video. And to avoid missing any future events, Freelancers can sign up to our newsletter in the portal.

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