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InstantTranslation – what is it and what can you use it for?

When is Supertext’s chat-based instant translation service the right choice, and why? We highlight five scenarios that will be familiar to every communications professional – and explain how InstantTranslation can help.

Translation takes time. But time is increasingly scarce. So Supertext has a solution: the new InstantTranslation service.

What is InstantTranslation?

The new solution for super-urgent orders provides human translation quality at superhuman speed. The live chat feature instantly connects clients with one of our translators, who are all native speakers. They translate the text in real time, taking into account the context and the client’s corporate language preferences. The chat feature allows them to ask questions or get feedback from the client – until every word is perfect.

Which texts are suitable for InstantTranslation?

Translations of just a few words or sentences are increasingly becoming the norm, so InstantTranslation was specifically developed for small orders up to 350 characters. If you need the speed of Google Translate but the quality of a human translator, InstantTranslation is the solution. After all, even the shortest translations require context and customer-specific terminology.

InstantTranslation lets you maintain quality even under time pressure. Here are some examples of how the service can be used:

Last-minute changes to press releases

As a communications professional, you’re constantly up against a deadline. InstantTranslation can help with all those posts your boss wants updated by yesterday.

Spontaneous social media posts

Do you manage a multilingual social media channel (or several)? We’ll make sure your posts strike the right tone – even at zero notice.

Late quotes for press releases

You’ve just got the press release back from the translator… and only then does the perfect quote arrive. With InstantTranslation, it’ll be publication-ready in minutes.

Small updates to websites, apps and software

Websites and products require constant updates, often at short notice. Just copy the relevant sentence into our live chat service and get a perfectly tailored translation immediately.

Short internal messages

Do you work with a multilingual team? Eliminate delays and misunderstandings from your internal communications with InstantTranslation.


Please note: InstantTranslation is not suitable for texts that require a comprehensive briefing. The ticking clock is also more likely to be a hindrance than a help when it comes to creative slogans and marketing campaigns.

Do you have questions about InstantTranslation? Or would you like to see how the service works in a live demo? Then book here.

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