Multilingual in no time at all: Supertext is expanding its translation plugin for WordPress

Two are better than one: in addition to Polylang, websites that rely on the popular plugin WPML are now also just a few clicks away from a professional translation.

Multilingual websites are worth it. They attract more visitors, and lead to greater reach and higher revenue. Unfortunately, they are also often the cause of headaches for their operators. To avoid this, millions of WordPress sites and blogs rely on plugins such as WPML and Polylang to simplify managing multiple language versions.

Copy and paste is a thing of the past

Thanks to the Supertext translation plugin, there’s no more sending Word files back and forth or dealing with questionable formatting in the target text and forgotten tags. In just a few clicks, our customers can order their translations in the usual quality directly from WordPress. The target text is delivered to them seamlessly in a perfectly formatted, newly created page.

Polylang users have been successfully using our plugin since 2015. Now we’ve added WPML, the second largest player.

How does it work?

Install WPML or Polylang in addition to our Supertext translation plugin. Then log in to your Supertext account and search for your personal API authentication token under “Settings”. This serves as a connection between the plugin and our system. Enter it once and you’re good to go.

You can see what both setups look like in action here:

If you have any questions or a specific WordPress project in the pipeline, feel free to get in touch with our tech team here.

Cover image via Pixabay

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