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Super fast, creative and consistent: Supertext launches chat-based instant translation service

InstantTranslation connects business clients with Supertext’s translators in the blink of an eye. These language experts are all native speakers and provide human quality at superhuman speed.

From last-minute press release updates to website and app tweaks, small orders with just a few words or sentences are rapidly becoming the norm in the translation industry. And Supertext’s clients are no exception. Even as the total volume of words the company translates each year grows, the size of the individual orders is shrinking – by an average of 22% in the last two years alone.

And short texts often require quick translations – so quick that business people sometimes turn to Google Translate, DeepL and other machine translation engines rather than wait for a human translator. But while online translation tools offer impressively fast results, they can also introduce embarrassing errors into business communications. Not to mention the privacy risks if confidential data is uploaded to a public platform like Google Translate.

Supertext went looking for a solution to this problem at the request of a major customer. The result: InstantTranslation, a service that connects business clients to qualified translators directly in their browser. The live chat function lets the translator ask questions and discuss options with the client until every word is perfect.

Reliable, collaborative and compliant with corporate language

InstantTranslation offers major advantages when it comes to quality: specialized translators working in their native language guarantee linguistic accuracy and can resolve any context queries with the client directly. Where is the text being published? Will it include images or graphics? Does the client prefer a translation that sticks close to the original, or should the translator get creative? Clarifying these points during the translation process results in a text that isn’t just accurate, but perfectly tailored to its context.

Corporate language is critical, even when you’re under time pressure. That’s why Supertext’s InstantTranslation service integrates clients’ existing translation memories and termbases, ensuring that product names and client-specific terms are always translated consistently.

“As fast as Google Translate, and as good as a professional human translator”

Supertext is expanding its portfolio of copywriting and translation services with the new service for texts of up to 350 characters. Supertext’s services give companies of all sizes access to an international team of more than 2,000 language professionals working in every specialist area.

The InstantTranslation solution was developed in collaboration with AMAG, Switzerland’s largest automotive company, which has been introducing the service to its various departments step by step since summer 2020. A longstanding Supertext customer, AMAG was already using many of Supertext’s translation services and wanted to fill an additional gap:

“InstantTranslation gives us reliable translations of small, urgent texts in real time, offering crucial added value to our daily processes.”

Roger Rölli, Team Leader Marketing Services at AMAG

Following a successful beta phase with several clients, the new service is going live in Germany and Switzerland on January 27, 2021. InstantTranslation will initially be available in English, German, French and Italian, and the pricing reflects the principle that every second counts: translations are charged by the minute with no minimum fee.

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