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Smallpdf supports 500 million happy users from around the world with Supertext

Smallpdf and Supertext not only share the same Swiss roots, they also respect everything Switzerland stands for: simplicity, security and quality. It goes without saying that these are essential attributes when localizing into 24 languages for a streamlined, native speaker experience for Smallpdf users across the entire globe.

Small but mighty – global-first mindset

Founded in 2013, Smallpdf provides more than 20 PDF tools on a platform that is light and easy to use without compromising on essential features. It’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular PDF tools on the planet – by 2017, it had already reached more than 1% of the world’s population, with users in every country, including Antarctica. This global user base has only continued to expand. To get a handle on its growth, Smallpdf turned to Supertext to scale up its localization program.

Simple but super – localization at scale

Supertext worked with Smallpdf to create an efficient localization workflow that ties together its development, content and international teams. The goal was to streamline the process as much as possible, keeping cost efficiency in mind while leaving room for flexibility. TMS tools and Supertext’s system plug-in were utilized together to handle the continuous localization of product strings and the transcreation of marketing content. Together, Smallpdf and Supertext established delivery schedules and a rhythm for pulling strings of text, as well as linguistic teams and quality guidelines. Supertext’s dedicated project manager for Smallpdf is the single point of contact who makes the magic happen – via Slack, localization and translation software Lokalise, and the Supertext system.


Driving impact through international markets

Today, Smallpdf localizes its website, web platform, mobile app, app store descriptions, marketing campaigns and more into 24 languages. Supertext plays a key role in keeping the user experience seamless with its quality translations and makes it easy for new users to find Smallpdf through SEO and ASO. When Smallpdf launched its Teams suite for SMEs in 2020, it was able to reach international markets at superspeed while retaining its brand’s distinctive voice. A clear pay-off for valuing users from all over the world and for taking a thoughtful, systematic approach to localization with a reliable partner – very Swiss indeed.

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