Translating your Drupal website is a breeze with Supertext’s expanded TMGMT module plugin

Ordering your translations direct from Drupal sounds like a dream – and it’s one the improved and expanded Supertext plugin for Drupal 9 can make come true.

More than 560,000 websites around the world use the Drupal content management system (CMS). Started as an open-source project in 2001 by Dries Buytaert in his native Belgium, this powerful CMS has now become a market leader alongside WordPress and Joomla. Drupal is especially popular with media companies, universities and other high-traffic websites. Its biggest edge over the competition lies in its incredibly dedicated developer community.

100+ languages, just a couple of clicks away – now in Drupal 9.

Ordering a professional translation of your multilingual website directly in Drupal using the Supertext plugin means seamless delivery of perfectly formatted content in a new page. Once you’ve configured the backend, the system is ready for as many languages as you like.

The Supertext system is linked with Drupal via its REST API. Users therefore have a complete overview of which services and deadlines are available and what each will cost. While translators are working on the project, you can see live status updates in Drupal, and, once it’s ready, you can publish the results with just a single click.

While Supertext launched its first Drupal plugin in 2012 – back in the days of Drupal version 7 – this update covers the most recent release from summer 2020, Drupal 9. We’ve made numerous changes to optimize processes, visual appearance and security.

Built with TMGMT

Just like most others in the business, Supertext built its plugin with the well-known Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module. This community-developed and continuously updated extension is both free to use and the undisputed standard for multilingual Drupal websites.

Installation takes just three simple steps:

1) Install the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module

2) Install the Supertext TMGMT Translator

3) Enter your personal API token from the Supertext system in Drupal

Now you’re ready to go. Take a look at our video to see the set-up in action:

Would you like to take our Drupal plugin for a spin? You can find more detailed instructions on getting it up and running here. Patricia Kamer, our Technology Solution Manager, is here to provide fast and friendly tech support.

Cover image from Pixabay: World Map and Drupal Gears Illustration

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