“A good product description connects with the customer. And requires a touch of sensitivity.”

The Deichmann Group, Europe’s biggest shoe retailer, has entrusted product descriptions for its Ochsner Sport subsidiary to Supertext since 2016. And the sporting goods seller just expanded its online store to include a variety of cycling and exercise products. We asked Ochsner what really makes a good product description.

What makes for a good product text?

Alper Oeztaç, Product Content Manager: A good text is targeted at a specific audience and effectively conveys its message to readers. It must be understandable and should answer any open questions. And from a sales perspective, a good text will also please a target audience enough to make them buy a product.

What do you (and your customers) expect from your product descriptions?

We aim to offer customers a better shopping experience via identification with the product. The first thing you need to do isn’t to sell the product. Instead, connect with the customer by addressing them directly, offering them advice and satisfying their needs. In our case, that means providing useful information about our products’ benefits, features and technologies. Once that is taken care of, the customer should trust in the writer’s capabilities, deepening the connection with them.

The product description also needs to be unique. Online, it should be prepared with multimedia, search engine optimization and interactivity in mind.

What does that look like in practice?

We get the hard facts about the product from the manufacturer. Supertext then writes customized copy for these specifications – in any desired language.

You added 300 new bikes and fitness items to your online store in a single stroke. How did you get them online as quickly as possible?

We have three order categories and a team of dedicated copywriters who know our corporate language inside out. We select a category based on the amount of information involved and send off the order. Most of the time, only a few days pass between ordering the texts and the website going live.

Why do you choose to have people write the texts? Wouldn’t automated content creation be much quicker?

Our online shop is growing every day. The number of different text types and lengths means that it would be difficult to have everything run centrally with an automated content creation system. Much more importantly, however, for each group of items we want to offer the precise information the customer needs to know – a touch of sensitivity goes a long way. We select our collections with a concrete image of the customer’s needs, so our requirements for the texts are individualized. Only perfectly tailored descriptions can position us as an expert advisor to customers. What’s more, the personal contact with and feedback from our language services provider is very important to us.

Regarding this language services provider, what makes Supertext the right one for you?

Supertext is solution-oriented, flexible and open to change. We appreciate the team’s availability and quick communication. In addition, our contacts are always friendly and strive to ensure that we’re satisfied.

Cover image from Ochsner Sport

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