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Ready for delivery across Europe: Seven Senders expands with simple translation setup from Supertext

Seven Senders offers corporate clients across Europe quick, secure and easy parcel delivery options – and is growing just as quickly. To keep up the pace in communications, the Berlin-based logistics startup teamed up with Supertext to develop a tailor-made setup for translation and revision in 13 languages to date.

In e-commerce, customer satisfaction comes down to the delivery experience. As the single point of physical contact between a customer and an online store, this has to go as seamlessly, quickly and transparently as possible. While retailers might be able to keep a good overview of the whole process in their domestic markets, it’s hard to keep this up further afield. Working with numerous unfamiliar delivery companies around the world leads to several challenges: deliveries take a long time, are hard to track and are, above all, expensive.

Bundled logistics, in 13 languages

That’s where Seven Senders comes in. The startup connects corporate clients with local parcel delivery services abroad to offer all logistics solutions from a single source – from seamless tracking to big data technology for assessing performance. This international operation can get complicated in Europe, with its patchwork of languages. Supertext is ensuring that communications don’t get tongue-tied, enabling Seven Senders to order anything from transcreations of their promotional media to specialist translations of privacy policies in 13 languages to date.

Simple, quick, and dependable: a new linguistic setup for Seven Senders

By minimizing complexity and maximizing flexibility, Seven Senders wants to simplify things for its customers with its delivery platform and an international carrier network. The logistics service provider shares these values with Supertext. All language services are ordered centrally via the Supersystem, which offers clear structures and plenty of opportunities for customization – from the selection of linguistic subtleties for the target region to sliding-scale delivery periods for large projects.

Managing a localization project is also super simple: the legal, product and marketing departments at Seven Senders each have an administrator that orders their respective translations and can check the current status of the projects in the system, retrieve reports and generate invoices.

Project Management ProcessImage via Supertext

On Supertext’s side, there is a project manager who consults with the customer, sets up projects and clarifies contractual details. The project manager is there every step of the way to perfect the project setup and knows the voice, requirements and requests of Seven Senders like the back of their hand.

Ensuring a seamless workflow required carefully coordinated collaboration in a multi-step process:

• First, there was a kick-off meeting to lay out the project requirements. Supertext and Seven Senders defined the areas of focus together and put together a customized service package.
• Then three linguists, all native speakers of the target languages, submitted test translations so that Seven Senders could put together a dream team of language experts according to their stylistic preferences.
• Once that was settled, each of the key linguists for each language received an in-depth briefing containing detailed information about the project and Seven Senders’ voice.
• Supertext and Seven Senders have been collaborating since spring 2020, with continuously increasing volumes of orders. To assure quality stays high, there are regular feedback calls between Seven Senders and the project manager at Supertext.

100 languages for delivery around the globe

Sandra Maeder, Head of Marketing and Communication at Seven Senders, appreciates the simple setup and Supertext’s quality and speediness.

“Speed and reliability are essential for logistics. We can get translations delivered by Supertext within 24 hours, and sometimes even on the same day. They always deliver high quality and they’re reliable – a great partner that you can absolutely count on.”

In the future, Seven Senders looks forward to offering its services to retailers from China and the US in the European market. Since the setup is already there, the way is clear for rapid expansion, even in languages – after all, we speak more than 100 of them.

Cover image from Seven Senders

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