Supertext helps launch the multilingual Yuh finance app for Switzerland’s Crypto Valley

The new finance app from leading Swiss banks PostFinance and Swissquote has gotten off to a flying start, winning over 10,000 customers in the first three weeks of its launch. It offers a 3-in-1 tool to manage financial planning and its own cryptocurrency, and features refreshingly direct marketing and communications – all translated by Supertext.

Yuh is still in its infancy, yet it’s already setting the pace. The result of a joint venture between two of Switzerland’s leading banks, the finance app was downloaded 10,000 times within a few days of its launch.

One app to pay, save and invest

The basic idea behind Yuh is that everyone should be free to decide how, where and when to manage their money. This is why, in addition to traditional account management services and payment and savings tools, Yuh offers options for investing in shares and cryptocurrencies. The app is simple to use and has low to no fees, with any still required communicated in a clear and transparent way. It provides a fun way for younger Yuhsers to manage their money, making for an all-in-one financial management tool with the security you can expect from two leading Swiss banks.

Swissqoin: the new currency in the Swiss Crypto Valley

Yuh has also launched its own cryptocurrency, Swissqoin (SWQ). Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is one of the key features of the premium version of the app. Swissqoins are awarded in return for making transactions with your Yuh card and actively using the app. These can then be exchanged for cash, transferred to friends or saved in the hope that their value increases.

Communication that dances to a different tune

Yuh’s advertising is managed by Geneva-based creative agency cavalcade. Fresh, creative and full of life, communicating with movement more than words, the Yuh commercial is unlike most advertising in the financial world. And since the app’s target audience speaks many languages, it was clear that the direct yet relaxed text used in the campaign had to be translated in a creative way. At the same time, it needed to be handled by people who know their stuff when it comes to finance. With its transcreation service and experience managing translation projects for the banking sector, Supertext was able to offer both.

Ever since, the language services provider’s experts have been translating and transcreating headlines, banners, billboard posters, social media posts, app store texts and subtitles for TV commercials into German, English, French and Italian. You can see their work in a key visual from the launch campaign.

Yuh title video and visuals

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