High-speed translation: Supertext keeps TGV Lyria’s marketing on track

With maximum speeds of almost 200 miles per hour, TGV Lyria takes passengers safely from Zurich to Paris in just four hours. It demands the same swiftness and efficiency in its communications, too – including on-point, on-schedule content in French, German and English.

TGV Lyria has been transporting passengers between France and Switzerland since 1981. And thanks to its high-speed trains, it now offers its cross-border service up to 13 times a day. A subsidiary of SNCF and SBB, TGV Lyria’s rail network covers 20 destinations and serves millions of international passengers every year. All while emitting up to 20 times less CO2 than the same route by plane or car.

Despite changes to planned services, TGV Lyria kept running and ensured frequent connections even during the pandemic. And to make sure its communications never malfunction either, it welcomed Supertext on board.

Trilingual travel

From press releases and on-board information system to online promotions and social media posts, TGV Lyria supplies its passengers and the wider public with informative content on a weekly basis. Its communications have been even more frequent during the pandemic – and, as always, available in three languages: French, German and English.

As a business that has to work fast, flexibly and on the go, TGV Lyria needed a language service provider that could handle its high volumes and strict schedules. With its high-speed translation service and previous experience working with public transport providers such as SBB and BVG, Supertext was the perfect partner for the job.

The express route to high-quality translation

Supertext works with a pool of over 2,500 freelancers, which ensures there’s always someone on hand for a fast turnaround. This is a major advantage for TGV Lyria, most of whose projects are small and urgent. The company usually orders Supertext’s express or 24-hour service, meaning it receives its translations either within six hours or, at the latest, by the next working day.

The challenge when working at high speed is that you can’t always guarantee the same translator will be available. As a result, correctly equipping the client account is key. Tone of voice guidelines and a client-specific translation memory ensure consistency and unvarying high quality, no matter which language professional is working on the translation.

“Supertext’s modern and easy-to-use online platform was key in our choice, as it made the entire administrative process much easier. It allows TGV Lyria and Supertext to focus on translation, not peripheral tasks. In Supertext, we also found a reliable, fast-working and open-minded team. The team is very open to discussion and takes the time to find the best translation, whether for technical or advertising terms. As TGV Lyria works in an intercultural environment, it is essential for us to have human linguists who can provide us with the necessary cultural subtleties and show initiative on certain transcreations.”

Alice Perron, Brand & Identity Manager, TGV Lyria

Quality is a top priority when it comes to TGV Lyria’s communications. Which is why it opts for human translation, even for the most urgent orders. Every social media post, for example, is worked on by experienced language professionals. Like this one about the company’s environmental commitments:

Images via TGV Lyria

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