Tone of voice: how to find the right vibe for your brand

The options are plentiful – and so are the opportunities. A distinctive tone of voice is one of the most powerful tools for building a brand identity. It’s something that the biggest and most successful brands are adept at leveraging – and so can you. What tone do you want your brand to strike? Supertext can help you find it.

Finding your voice as a brand is about identifying the overall mood you want to create through your communications. What emotions do you want to inspire in your customers? Do you want them to feel safe and looked after? To bring a smile to their face? Or to kindle their sense of romance?

Different tones will resonate differently depending on your audience, so it’s essential that you take your target group into account. Customers will be expecting inspiring, feel-good texts from a lifestyle brand; less so from an insurance company. Establishing a clear brand concept and carrying out a target group analysis are therefore key to developing a successful tone of voice – and have helped some of the world’s best-known brands hit the right note.

At the end of the day, the most efficient approach is usually to take a look at your brand’s existing texts: what has worked well? And what totally missed the mark? What effect does it have when you alter the tone you use?

We’ll show you an example. Say you’re a mattress company:



Our mattresses will help you get a good, healthy night’s sleep.



A mattress that’ll have you nodding off before you know it.



A mattress for every sleeping position. Available in three firmness levels.



Whether you’re a starfish or a flamingo, get a bed that works for every inner animal.



A night of pure pleasure has never been easier.



Are you a committed side sleeper? We’ve got the perfect life partner for you.



For a healthy night’s sleep and a cool, comfortable feel.



Because otherwise you may as well sleep on the floor.


Or the same again for an investment consultancy:



Your investment advisors of choice. Since 2005.



You’ve got the money. We’ve got the plan.



Tailored solutions and straightforward services to cover all your needs.



Your money, your future, your journey. We’ll find the right strategy together.



The name’s bond. Convertible bond.



Investments in line with your values. From precious metals to ethical pension funds.



Your personal finances in professional hands.



Invest now so you’ll have something to enjoy later.


With the right tone of voice, you can make your brand stand out even on a budget. Especially if out of 30 mattress companies, 29 sound the same and you’re the only one with a difference. Or if you’re the Swiss private bank Hyposwiss, which flies in the face of the classic, formal investment tone and hits the mark with straight-talking frankness:


We’ve developed a downloadable scale to help you find the right tone for your brand. Simply tweak each category depending on the format and context – a social media post will probably have a slightly different feel to your GTCs, for example. The result will be your own personal blend of styles.

Need a hand tinkering with the tone for your company? Our are you feeling a little lost and in need of an outside opinion? We’re here to help you find your voice.

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