Trados 2022: the three biggest updates

In July, RWS introduced the latest upgrade of Trados Studio. Three improvements stand out – among them the translation tool’s new transcreation feature.

1. Trados now supports transcreation

Transcreations are often processed using common file formats. However, the challenges in the work process are very different than for other types of translation – for example, it may require multiple versions of a text, space for explanations or the option for back translations. Trados has responded to these needs with the new Transcreate app, which transforms Excel files into transcreation projects that provide these additional features. Take a look at the entire tool in detail here.

Our first impression? It’s a handy feature. Since it uses multilingual Excel files as a basis, you are then able to export the target file into Word. We’re excited to see whether this workflow proves successful.

2. Centralized manager view

RWS has also improved the program’s user interface with the upgrade. The new Manager View in Trados Studio 2022 brings together various project areas, files and translation analyses in a central workspace. Simultaneous support for multiple windows and monitors provides a better overview and makes it easier for copywriters and translators to work on several projects at once. The view is currently still in a beta version but can already be used with the upgrade. The previous Manager View will remain available.

3. New file types for software localization

The range of supported file types is one of Trados’s greatest strengths. With the latest upgrade, non-text files, i.e. binary software files in Studio and the cloud, were added to the more than 50 existing file types for the first time. The two most famous .NET platforms are WinForms and WPF – both coded formats that can’t be read by humans.

Trados handles decoding the files and provides software-specific functions in addition to the usual Studio tools, including code signing and a real-time preview. This shows the translator the texts in context and ensures they have an idea of the look and feel when translating. The update is thus a helpful addition for localizing software and apps and enables language professionals to work on a wider variety of jobs. For advanced software localization projects, however, RWS recommends continuing to use their Passolo tool.

When can I try out the new features?

The upgrade to Trados Studio 2022 is already available. Would you like to use it? As a Supertext freelancer, you can benefit from a special discount of over 30% off Trados Studio 2022 Freelance or Trados Studio 2022 Freelance Plus. Simply send an email to

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