Novartis supercharges its exhibition with super translations

The global pharma company is bringing life sciences to the general public through the Novartis Pavillon in Basel. And with Supertext as one of its language partners, everything is available in French as well.

Why do diseases develop? How are medications produced? And what will healthcare look like in the future? These topics couldn’t be more relevant right now. And there are interesting answers and plenty of food for thought in the “Wonders of Medicine” multimedia exhibition in the Novartis visitor center.

So how could Novartis ensure that the exhibition achieved its goal of familiarizing as wide a range of people as possible with the pharma industry? By making it multilingual, of course.

Tech-savvy translations with a shot of creativity

From room and object signage through to on-screen texts and audio guides – the exhibition’s multimedia content was aimed at an international audience from the start, which is why it needed to be made available in French as well as English and German. This content was both technically and creatively demanding: Novartis required professionals with a medical background who could bridge the gap between specialist translation and a free adaptation of the texts to the target language.

Thanks to its expertise in the necessary media formats and industry experience from projects for the University Hospital Zurich and the Hirslanden Group, Supertext was able to prove it had what it took. A team of several selected translators led by project manager Jenny Herzog ensured that all the content was translated in line with the Novartis style guide and the preferred corporate tone of voice. And in doing so, they helped ensure that the Novartis Pavillon has been an immersive experience for its multilingual visitors since it opened in May 2022.

Images via Novartis

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