It doesn’t get simpler than this: translate Instapages with Supertext

Instapage makes building landing pages a piece of cake – and Supertext’s translations are the cherry on top.

Attracting customers, bringing them to your site and creating conversions – a professional landing page is now as essential to an advertising campaign as the product itself. Hundreds of tools are available to help you create one with just a few clicks. The most popular? Instapage.

Multilingual Instapage with Supertext – without copy and paste.

Supertext’s web-based copywriting and translation system is the perfect addition to Instapage: a workflow that provides you with multilingual landing pages in the blink of an eye. Here’s how it works.

1) Download


As a user, you download the .instapage file for your site (a variant of .json) with just a few clicks.

2) Place translation order


You then upload this file to and the price and deadline is calculated automatically. You send off your translation order and, once it’s ready, Supertext delivers a new .instapage file for you to download.

3) Create “new” translated page


Now you only have to take it and upload to as a new page. No copy and paste and no tedious formatting necessary.

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Cover image via Unsplash (CC0)

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