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Bringing AI-generated content to life: Supertext launches new copy reworking service

From editing AI-generated content to consulting on prompt engineering, the language service provider offers a comprehensive range of services for marketing and communication teams.

AI lets you write faster – and more cost-effectively. Since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last November, AI has become an integral part of large-scale content generation. At the same time, the new tech also presents marketing and communication professionals with new challenges.

Artificial intelligence meets human excellence

As impressive as these tools are, their output quality varies widely. All kinds of errors are possible, from biases taken from the training data and a lack of factual accuracy to “hallucinations”, in which the model simply invents information. AI-generated texts are also often not perfectly tailored for SEO, or to offer the originality and persuasiveness that make human-authored work stand out from the crowd.

If you need a cost-effective way to scale up your content, generative AI has a lot to offer. But the risks mean that publishing raw AI output on their own channels is out of the question for most marketing departments. Instead, a resilient process is required to ensure the necessary brand safety, even with large volumes.

Useful, outstanding or fully individual

With its new offer, the Supertext teams in Zurich, Berlin and Los Angeles aim to bring together the best qualities of humans and machines. For content that triggers real emotions, but costs considerably less than a 100% human setup. Experienced professional copywriters breathe new life into AI-generated content at two service levels:

Reworking AI content makes AI-generated content safe for publication. Experienced professional copywriters put the text through its paces and rewrite it where necessary – covering everything from spelling and grammar to consistency, fact checking and SEO aspects.

Reworking AI content PLUS goes one step further. The aim here is to create texts that aren’t simply safe to use, but are truly outstanding. Creative writers rework the content, restructure messages and develop headlines that are sure to attract attention. The AI output serves as part of the briefing and as a springboard for the writer’s ideas.

Supertext also offers a complete consulting package including creative direction and tech support, which provides marketing and communication specialists with support from experienced copywriters and prompt engineers. Experts are on hand to help with everything from content strategy and the best technical setup through to how to create prompts that get the most out of the machine.

“What can’t ChatGPT do? Think.”

With this new service, Supertext is also leveraging its close to 20 years of experience as an advertising copywriting network. The “tuning service”, an extensive stylistic revision of – at that time still purely human – texts, was the company’s very first service.

Kristy Sakai Supertext

“ChatGPT and other generative AI solutions are really impressive, but there is one thing they can’t do: think. For example, about the most elegant way to win a client over. This is where our professional copywriters come in. They inject heart and soul into the AI-generated text.”

Kristy Sakai, CEO at Supertext Creative Solutions

Laura Fernández Supertext

“Large language models are fast and affordable. The trick lies in getting the best quality out of them and integrating them into workflows in a meaningful way. We offer our clients support through customized solutions, from prompt engineering to creative direction.”

Laura Fernández, CEO at Supertext Corporate Solutions


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Supertext is an international full-service language service provider with offices in Los Angeles, Berlin and Zurich. Founded in 2005 as a copywriting agency, Supertext now offers the full range of writing, translation and editing services in more than 100 languages. Over 100 in-house and 3,000 freelance language professionals around the globe put in a good word for more than 3,000 corporate clients.


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