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Multilingual websites and apps: Supertext translations now integrated directly into Locize

Faster development cycles and more flexible processes: Locize, the Swiss translation management system (TMS), offers great functionality at an affordable price. Supertext clients can now manage their localization projects directly in Locize.

It’s a familiar situation for developers of multilingual apps and websites: the release is ready – but only in English. Either you put everything on hold until the (many) localized versions are ready, or you opt for a staggered release schedule as each individual language becomes available, generating unwel-come additional costs. There has to be a better approach.

The magic words: continuous localization

Rather than treating a website like a book, which needs to be fully completed before its translation can begin, a TMS like Locize allows for a more agile process. Developers and translators do not work sequentially, but in parallel via smaller sub-projects. As soon as a code component has been successfully tested, the strings are sent to the translators. Once translated, the strings are then automatically returned to the correct location in the development system.

Overall, continuous localization makes the process faster, simpler and more flexible for everyone involved. For an in-depth look at the process, check out our earlier blogpost.

Locize: fast, flexible, affordable

Locize is a platform from the creators of the internationalization framework i18next and aims to take on the big names in the industry, such as Lokalise, Phrase, Crowdin and Transifex.

Its major advantage is that the Locize team is super flexible and (judging by our experience in setting up the integration) incredibly fast. Not to mention its seductively simple pricing model – with no paywalls, locked features or small print. Instead, users only pay based on actual usage. You can get started from just CHF 5 per month.

Top language quality, elegantly processed

Together, Supertext and Locize connect you to a network of top-class language professionals via a streamlined process that can be set up in under 15 minutes. Find out how it works here.

Do you have any questions? Or a Locize project in the pipeline? Our team is here for you. Get in touch at +41 43 500 33 80 or email info@supertext.ch.

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