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Supertext and ACAMS: Tracking down financial crime in 12 languages

Financial crime knows no borders. Which is why ACAMS, the world’s leading membership organization for anti-financial crime professionals, is truly an international community. Supertext supports the organization with translations of materials important for the AFC community from Japanese and Korean through to Arabic and Portuguese.

ACAMS is a real powerhouse when it comes to combating financial crime. With over 100,000 members across 180 jurisdictions, ACAMS is committed to the mission of ending financial crime through the provision of anti-money laundering/counterterrorism-financing and sanctions knowledge-sharing, thought leadership, risk-mitigation services, ESG initiatives, and platforms for public-private dialogue. ACAMS’ 60+ Chapters globally further amplify the association’s mission through training and networking initiatives.

AAA translations without any compromises

Multilingual communication plays a key role. The demands on the translators’ financial and legal specialist knowledge are high, while the margin for error is small, so bulletproof processes that accurately deliver ACAMS content into global languages are required.

This is why in 2019, ACAMS started looking for a reliable partner that could provide high-quality translations – often expeditiously. This is when ACAMS’ long standing partnership with Supertext began.

The collaboration grew steadily, and today the ACAMS marketing team sources its language services almost exclusively from Supertext. To date, around 700 projects in 12 languages have been completed successfully – from educational content for both global and local training programs, to localizing the ACAMS website, through to swiftly organizing interpreting services for an online conference.

The work is based on specialist translations, utilizing two translators with proven financial expertise. In this four-eyes-principle, the translation provided by the first person is reviewed by a second person and compared to the source text. Lastly, ACAMS’ internal native speakers provide a final review of Supertext’s work.

More than just words

Supertext doesn’t just deliver words and sentences, it delivers expertise that makes the translation process more efficient and ensures high quality. An example:

Consistent terminology is critical in (financial) translations. Is a beneficiary always the same as a recipient? And how do you make sure that the terms are consistently implemented across all 12 languages?

This challenge is resolved via a terminology database (glossary) and translation memory. Supertext supports ACAMS in building and maintaining this database to ensure consistency throughout different communication touchpoints. This service also helps increase cost efficiency, as terms and expressions from the translation memory are not considered net new translations.

“Supertext stands for quality, reliability and flexibility.”

That’s exactly what Christine Frühling, Marketing Manager Campaigns and Operations at ACAMS, and main contact person for our collaboration, values:

“Supertext is a trusted partner. I value that in Kseniya Seliun I have a dedicated, solution oriented and responsive project manager who helps me handle sometimes very complex projects expeditiously. I am also pleased with the quality of the translations across all languages as we have built on our glossary and translation memory.”

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