Supertext Creative is now WE ARE VERY.

The creative arm of Supertext is spinning off with a new name. WE ARE VERY will strengthen its focus on multilingual content creation and localization. Rinaldo Dieziger, who started Supertext in 2005, and Kristy Sakai, who has spearheaded Supertext Creative as CEO since 2016, remain at the helm of WE ARE VERY, Inc.

Creating high-performing content is an endangered art. And so is adapting content for a different audience or another market.

Global marketing and localization departments are looking for creative ways to integrate AI into content production and localization to connect with international audiences. At the same time, the AI era is pushing language service providers further into the technology space that has more to do with engineering than linguistic flair. There is a gap – especially when it comes to sensitive communication material and brand-shaping flagship content.

Very global. Very local.

WE ARE VERY approaches localization from a multilingual copywriting and content creation perspective. With a very global network of very local talent featuring more than 3,000 handpicked copywriters, translators, editors, linguists, SEO specialists, multimedia experts and content creators, the agency focuses on what makes content click.

Advancements in AI have unlocked the potential to create multilingual content tailored to each audience at an even greater scale than traditional localization. And with its roots in copywriting and extensive experience in marketing and product localization, WE ARE VERY is perfectly positioned to make this happen.


“Our mission is to help companies grow. Domestically and internationally. Translation, as a concept, misses the point – what marketers really want is native, personalized content that walks the balance between a consistent global brand voice and local adaptation. It’s an investment that pays off for our clients. WE ARE VERY is a creative agency at heart – creative talent, local expertise and technology is the future we are very ready for,” says Rinaldo Dieziger.



Refine. Elevate. Create.

The agency offers a wide range of content editing, content creating and localization services including multimedia and SEO. The core content offerings are called “Refine”, “Elevate” and “Create” that focus on validating and improving AI/MT-output as well as creating new content from scratch in all major languages.

Localization services are offered in three standardized levels called “Pro”, “Very Pro” and “Creative”, ranging from MT/AI-assisted workflows to transcreation. The agency also offers customized creative content and localization solutions, provides a strong partner network for go-to-market strategies and adapts flexibly into existing workflows.


“The language industry is changing. And so are we. This rebranding reflects our commitment to the future of creators that write and translate words into success stories. WE ARE VERY brings together creative talent and expertise from every corner of the planet, coordinated by our very exceptional team that goes above and beyond to support clients in reaching diverse audiences,”, says Kristy Sakai.



Award-winning technology partners.

WE ARE VERY has partnered up with award-winning technology partners Bureau Works and Blackbird.io to provide an innovative post-AI editing environment and translation management system (TMS) as well as a very capable iPaaS platform to orchestrate workflows, integrate systems and enable AI for the L10N and content industry.



Founded 2016 in Santa Monica, California, WE ARE VERY is a multilingual content creation and localization agency serving international scale-ups and multinationals. The company operates globally with a creative core team in Los Angeles, project management staff in Europe, Asia and South America, and a network of more than 3,000 copywriters, linguists, content strategists, SEO specialists, localization experts, as well as a roster of selected AI technology partners.


Contact information.

Kristy Sakai, Kristy@WeAreVery.com
Rinaldo Dieziger, Rinaldo@WeAreVery.com


WE ARE VERY, Inc. (fka Supertext USA, Inc.)
1326 16th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
United States


+1 (310) 504-3890

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