Kindernothilfe produces 296 progress reports for 2023 with the help of Supertext

The organization for the protection of children’s rights runs projects in 36 countries. In its progress reports, it keeps child and project sponsors fully informed about the status of these projects. As a copywriting partner, Supertext helps ensure efficient and cost-effective implementation.

Around 210,000 sponsors and volunteers enable Kindernothilfe to help children in need around the world. A commitment with an impact: the organization is able to provide more than 2.2 million children and young people with education, integration and self-determination for the long term.

Trust is good, but accountability is even better. Therefore, comprehensive project evaluations by independent experts and regular surveys (including of the children themselves) ensure that the project activities are always goal-oriented and that donations are used to best effect. The annual project progress reports also help to keep the projects transparent and accountable, especially for child and project sponsors.

Reporting on a large scale

The progress reports are based on annual reports of 30 to 90 pages each from partner organizations from all over the world – all of which need to be filtered, synthesized and presented in a new, appealing format. The format also includes a case study that reports on the individual project successes of the past year using the example of one or two children.

With around 500 individual Kindernothilfe projects, it’s a large-scale project in itself. Ensuring an efficient reporting workflow while at the same time keeping costs controllable were key issues for Kindernothilfe. The search for the right partner for both led it to Supertext.

Lean process + well-coordinated team = maximum impact

The first step was to find the right professionals. Supertext was looking for copywriters who understood the source languages English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, and could thoroughly assess the content. They also needed to have experience with NGOs and the necessary sensitivity to rework the content, frame it using the appropriate tone and master the balancing act between facts and figures and personal stories. Seven dedicated copywriters were selected through a recruitment process. They form a permanent team, supplemented by a specially briefed editor.

Efficiency comes first and foremost through the process – and through repetition, because the team gets faster with each text. Supertext project manager Kseniya Seliun coordinates information and availability details, and is the first point of contact for queries and feedback. The process typically looks like this:

  • Kindernothilfe: Creates order in its own project management system (Monday) and stores all reference files in the cloud
  • PM: Checks files for relevant information and allocates the order, including the briefing, to the copywriter
  • Copywriter: Views material and creates the text in the layout
  • Editor: Proofreads and checks the text
  • PM: Checks whether everything meets requirements and delivers the finished text to Kindernothilfe via the project management system

“Always reliable and straightforward”

Costs are controlled with the help of fixed prices per progress report. Here, too, Kindernothilfe benefits from the repetition: prices gradually decrease after each successive report that is generated. This resulted in almost 300 reports in 2023 – and an extremely positive assessment by Markus Heuchemer, Head of Communications at Kindernothilfe, who is primarily responsible for the joint project:

“We are completely satisfied. The collaboration is always straightforward, reliable and quick. Our workflow has proven itself – and so has Supertext as a copywriting partner.”

Cover image via Kindernothilfe

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