Typos, misunderstandings, style, inconsistencies, timing and technology: multilingual reporting presents a number of challenges. How can you overcome these? Let’s start by making plans well in advance and using tried-and-tested processes.

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For ewz, one of Switzerland’s largest energy providers, refining their corporate language is an ongoing task. As ewz’s copywriting, translation and proofreading partner, Supertext makes sure that every text is electrifying.


From the street to millions of screens: the Energy Challenge, run by the Federal Office for Energy and Tamedia, the country’s leading media group, makes sustainability accessible and achievable. In German, French and Italian.

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Ob auf der Strasse oder auf Millionen Bildschirmen: Mit der Energy Challenge machen das Bundesamt für Energie und Tamedia Nachhaltigkeit verständlich und umsetzbar. Auf Deutsch, Französisch und Italienisch.


La diagnosi: Hirslanden ha bisogno di testi per il blog che rendano comprensibili le conoscenze medico-specialistiche a un pubblico inesperto. Un’operazione che solo i chirurghi ortografici di Supertext possono eseguire. La ricetta prevede un colloquio personale con i medici prima della pubblicazione di qualsiasi contributo.