Man Booker Prize

On 16 May, Han Kang and her English translator Deborah Smith were announced the winners of the Man Booker International Prize for the book The Vegetarian. Originally written in Korean, The Vegetarian triumphed over an impressive shortlist featuring books by Orhan Pamuk, Elena Ferrante and Robert Seethaler.

Cross-section of curiosity

There was a time when listening to radio from another country could be alluring, clandestine – it could even get you into a lot of trouble. But it certainly let you know that there was a much larger and diverse world out there. Does the internet have the same allure?

David Bowie released what was to be his last album last week to coincide with his 69th birthday, before sadly passing away on monday. We take a look back at his influence on Berlin and a few tunes that can be hummed in German.


A literary perspective into the world of fortune cookies, a staple of every Chinese restaurant in the USA and many other parts of the world, though funnily enough, not in China.

Happy Birds

Articles about people losing their jobs after making jokes in poor taste have been circulating for a while now, driven by social media. But a recent trend in US court judgements shows that hitherto private social networks are becoming a rich seam of evidence in court, too.

We’re all familiar with the explosive growth of tablet computers over the past five or so years, but what’s happened to the more humble e-reader, a device which was supposed to revolutionise our reading experience?

Animal House

Fisch oder Vogel – this was a phrase I heard over lunch the other day and it got me thinking. Idioms are a funny thing. They often seem nonsensical and […]


I’m a big fan of obscure facts and language is a great source. These snippets of information are essentially useless for daily life, but do give a deeper insight into a country and its culture than meets the eye. So here are a few of my favourites in no particular order.

So, you wanna write like Hemingway? Good luck if you’re not a natural born talent. But don’t give up hope. I have three solutions in mind that might help: Fuhgeddaboudit […]

Code smell

Why is it that software developers leave their code lying out for a few days when it smells bad?

Beef or chicken?

It’s a question we’re faced with every time we fly long haul. But have you ever thought about why a cow is beef and chicken is chicken?