Supertext helps launch the multilingual Yuh finance app for Switzerland’s Crypto Valley

The new finance app from leading Swiss banks PostFinance and Swissquote has gotten off to a flying start, winning over 10,000 customers in the first three weeks of its launch. It offers a 3-in-1 tool to manage financial planning and its own cryptocurrency, and features refreshingly direct marketing and communications – all translated by Supertext.

Since 2019, language services provider Supertext has been helping the world’s largest business social network with its expansion into Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Tatjana Greiner, Staff Localization Producer at LinkedIn, and Kristy Sakai, CEO of Supertext USA, gave a presentation at GlobalSaké’s ParlamINT event last week explaining how this works.

World Vision

Corporate storytelling is everywhere these days – including in annual reports. The facts and figures may be important, but so is the story that surrounds them. That’s why forward-thinking organizations like World Vision are now looking beyond the numbers and focusing on creative texts and translations that turn readers into fans.