This year’s Freelancer Convention took place online. Last Friday, super freelancers from 30 different countries dialed into the live keynotes and interactive sessions. In addition to the latest updates on Supertext, they also enjoyed discussions on two main topics: machines and motivation.

World Vision

Corporate storytelling is everywhere these days – including in annual reports. The facts and figures may be important, but so is the story that surrounds them. That’s why forward-thinking organizations like World Vision are now looking beyond the numbers and focusing on creative texts and translations that turn readers into fans.

Tutto assume una veste nuova da Coop: qualche giorno fa, sono stati pubblicati il sito web rivisitato e la nuova app in ben quattro lingue. In questo modo, tutti i servizi di questo gigante del commercio al dettaglio potranno essere utilizzati a livello centrale. Supertext è stata incaricata dell’ottimizzazione linguistica della user experience in inglese, italiano e francese.