Tutto assume una veste nuova da Coop: qualche giorno fa, sono stati pubblicati il sito web rivisitato e la nuova app in ben quattro lingue. In questo modo, tutti i servizi di questo gigante del commercio al dettaglio potranno essere utilizzati a livello centrale. Supertext è stata incaricata dell’ottimizzazione linguistica della user experience in inglese, italiano e francese.

From singular “they” to the title “Mx”, gender neutrality is slowly becoming standard for English speakers. But we’re translators, so we wanted to know how other languages tackle the gender conundrum. Read on to discover what “x”s, “@”s and “*”s have to do with gender – and how Obama sidesteps the question entirely.

Real estate companies around the world have turned the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity to make the jump to digital solutions. And one of the quickest off the mark was Homegate, the largest real estate marketplace in Switzerland. Its new feature for live online property viewings was implemented in record time – and Supertext was on hand to ensure multilingual communication.

Der grösste Schweizer Immobilienmarktplatz macht aus der Krise das Beste und wird kurzerhand zum Online-Gastgeber: Wohnobjekte können neu digital und live besichtigt werden. Das Feature wurde in Rekordzeit umgesetzt. Für die mehrsprachige Kommunikation rundherum kam Supertext ins Spiel.

Do international companies need a different social media profile for each language region? When is a single global presence the better option? And what features do platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook offer to help? A brief guide to multilingual social media management.

Social Distancing

“Social distancing” has been a buzzword for several months now. But what about linguistic distancing? To pass the time until we can meet up with friends again, we’ve taken a look at the compound words that just can’t bear to be apart.