Mission accomplished, client impressed – how to win your next sales pitch with Supertext

When it comes to a sales pitch, your product is almost secondary. Almost. The focus is really on your presentation, which should creatively get people interested in your product in a short space of time. Sounds like a lot of work? It is. But Supertext is here to help.

Presentation check: get to the point

Every sales pitch is basically a live-action advertisement. You capture your listener’s attention, pique their interest in the product and make them want to buy it. All with well-presented content and a story you can tell about your product.
For example, say you’ve been working on your presentation or white paper for months, have gathered a long list of facts and want to communicate as much information as possible. After all, you are offering a product with real added value.

The problem: your audience couldn’t care less about raw facts.

A sales pitch is about powerful statements with inspiring visuals that get to the heart of your product in an engaging way. Even support stockings and erasers can sound exciting if you find the right words.

Supertext works with language and content experts who can help take your pitch to the next level. You can have your texts reworked to make them snappier, more dynamic and more convincing – tailored to your target audience and packaged in the right wording, of course.

Revision: avoid misunderstandings

There are two versions of every (pitch) text: the one the author writes and the one the reader reads. This can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. You mean A, but your client understands B. Or, out of habit, you assume a level of knowledge your client doesn’t have.

With a revision, Supertext looks at your texts from a reader’s point of view and clears up any misleading wording, confusing metaphors or other potential misunderstandings. So you can rest assured that your content comes through loud and clear.

Proofreading: because two heads are better than one

The presentation is ready, the white paper layout finalized and the handouts printed – and then suddenly, on page two, you see “After-Sales Managment”. Typos and grammatical errors occur easily, especially when you’ve been working hard and your concentration is slipping.

Supertext can proofread your white paper or your powerpoint presentation, offering the most straightforward solution to missing letters, full stops or commas: a fresh pair of eyes.

By the way: you can order many of Supertext’s proofreading, revision and text reworking services last minute. We can put the final touches to your sales pitch in just six hours.

New texts: count on creative experts

You know what you want to say, but can’t seem to find the right words? Spare yourself the headache. Supertext can handle the entire writing process for your sales pitch and create content tailored to inspire your target audience.
Whether it’s a catchy slogan or a substantial white paper: you tell us the content, target audience and the kind of text you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. Deal? Deal.

International? Ja, nous possiamo!

What’s Chinese for target audience? And what will have your Swedish readers rolling in the aisles? Supertext offers all its services in over 30 languages – whether you want a white paper proofread or the presentation for your sales pitch in Moscow reworked.

An overview of our supertips for your superpitch

  1. Storytelling rather than fact recital
  2. Engaging presentation with catchy content
  3. Content from the client’s perspective – not the provider’s
  4. Proofreading and corrections with an extra pair of eyes
  5. Count on the support of creative experts

Cover image via Unsplash (CC00)

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