Annual reports made easy: the four steps to real success

An ever-widening target audience and externally driven changes in reporting make one thing certain. For anyone who wants to cut through the thicket of data and win over their stakeholders, clear communication is essential. Corporate publishers have a duty to consider: how do you ensure that reporting texts convey the correct message? One example is the new international standard for plain language.

The Swiss brand helps customers around the world make the most of their time at home with its premium household appliances. Supertext is on hand to ensure that its magazine Inspirations is just as impressive as the appliances themselves – with a streamlined process for transcreations into languages from Spanish to Chinese.

The Maison KARL LAGERFELD carries on the visionary legacy of its founder, a universal symbol of style, creativity and passion. And as its partner for creative translations, Supertext ensures the brand’s identity remains consistent around the globe – with a tailor-made style guide for every language.

Stricter regulations and growing reporting requirements mean that modern corporate reports include ever more text. Defining core messages and communicating them to stakeholders is therefore an increasing challenge for companies. But there’s a trick you can use to get to the heart of even the longest report: the kitchen message.

Why AI makes writers more human than ever

Judging by the media coverage of ChatGPT and its friends, copywriters and translators are facing certain extinction. But is all the hype justified? And what do large language models (LLM) really mean for our beloved professions?

The learning technology suite for companies of all sizes helps its user community flourish through regionalized, premium learning content. Degreed’s experienced localization team, with support from Supertext, is making that content accessible around the world.

ChatGPT x Supertext

The latest generation of artificial intelligence from OpenAI has been taking the internet by storm for the last few weeks, and we’re among its fans. ChatGPT seems to be able to do almost anything, from developing apps to writing Bible verses about how to remove a sandwich stuck in your VCR. But is it really as good as it seems? We tested when the tool really creates value for everyday (writing) tasks… and when it just creates problems.