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Supertext takes Portal A’s YouTube Rewind 2017 global

How was your 2017? If it already feels like a decade away, tune in to YouTube Rewind 2017 and be flooded with memories of the greatest tunes, memes and viral moments of the year. Created by Portal A for YouTube and subtitled by Supertext for a global audience.

The mother of all mashups

Every year, Portal A collaborates with YouTube for the annual Rewind video – a super mashup of all things huge on YouTube. Viewed over 200 million times in 2016, Portal A and YouTube set out to top this impressive stat with their The Shape of 2017 video. Think: the biggest YouTubers of the year throwing slime to the beat of HUMBLE, intercut with emotive footage of Hurricane Harvey, and with references to the fidget spinner craze, Wonder Woman blockbuster and the solar eclipse frenzy dropped in for good measure. Bringing together more than 240 creators from 20 countries, what started as a Top 10 compilation in 2010 has evolved into a truly global mashup. Which is where Supertext comes in.

Despacito in Japanese

To reach an audience as international as the creators in the video, Portal A asked Supertext to subtitle Rewind 2017 and the Behind the Scenes videos in multiple languages. Working against the clock, we collaborated closely with Portal A to deliver translations that captured the essence of Rewind. And this didn’t come without challenges! Raunchy lyrics, news clips in various languages, last minute updates… all expertly overcome by our team of linguists and super PM. The video launched as planned on YouTube Spotlight on Dec 6, 2017 and has already amassed more than 183 million views. Despacito in Japanese and Portuguese optional.

Increasingly global

With the release of Rewind 2017, YouTube released its top 10 videos and music videos of the year. At a glance, it’s clear how international the online audience has become: “a truly global list, this year’s top 10 music videos feature artists from Puerto Rico, Colombia, France, Spain, Cuba, the United States and the U.K, and six of the videos feature Latin artists, up from just one video in 2016.” Portal A and Supertext are right on trend – and looking forward to Rewind 2018!

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