Supertext implements an individual translation platform for Swisscom

Swisscom has an online platform, programmed by Supertext, which its employees and agencies can access via their intranet to order and manage tailor-made translation services at special rates.

In March 2014, Swisscom invited bids for its translation services. Supertext’s attractive price-performance ratio and online translation platform impressed Swisscom, resulting in a collaboration. Within two weeks, Supertext’s internal IT department had programmed an online platform based on its in-house technology with the two translation services defined by Swisscom and the pricing from the bid. Anyone who orders via the Swisscom platform can request translation services at the special rates and manage their orders online.

The use of translation memories and termbases means even lower costs and higher quality

All Swisscom orders are processed internally by a team of specially designated project managers, language managers and translators. Services also include the creation of translation memories and termbases, which reduce costs and improve the overall quality of the translations.

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