CKW keeps it simple – with web texts and corporate wording by Supertext

The electricity producer and distributor Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke is giving its website a linguistic makeover, with Supertext as its partner for copywriting and proofreading.

Electromobility, renewable energy, building automation – the market environment is changing rapidly for energy distributors. And it’s riddled with tricky technical topics, which makes straightforward language all the more important.

CKW is meeting this challenge with its new claim “Wir machen Energie einfach” [“We make energy simple”]. And all its content was rewritten for its recent website relaunch. The aim: for it to be simple and easy to understand – suited to the reading style of the 21st century. The Swiss energy provider turned to Supertext to implement the linguistic end of its brand promise.

Five hundred hours in two months

The website project was Supertext’s first collaboration with the energy supplier. The language services provider distinguished itself from its competitors during the evaluation process, and immediately faced a significant challenge: there were just two months between the green light and the relaunch.

Supertext was responsible for writing and proofreading all of the texts directly in CKW’s CMS – a job that required around 500 hours of work. Up to four copywriters worked with project manager Jenny Herzog to meet the deadline.

Corporate wording – from the website to the company

“It was a tight deadline: the new website had to go live on June 22. With Supertext, we quickly found an efficient working process that allowed us to handle large amounts of content in the shortest time possible. So despite the ambitious schedule, we gained high-quality content for our website.”

Debora Baumgartner, Content Marketing Manager at CKW

The client was impressed by the linguistic makeover. So much so, in fact, that it commissioned a set of corporate wording guidelines based on the new texts – from Supertext, of course.

The guidelines break down the brand promise “We make energy simple” into concrete linguistic instructions. Via a minimum of rules and a maximum of examples, they show how CKW wants to sound – from approachability and the active voice to the desired sentence length and the correct spelling of kilowatt hour (kWh).

“Clear communication makes our lives and the lives of our customers easier. It should be simple, but never banal. Supertext grasped this right away and has now turned it into an easy-to-understand set of wording guidelines that will transform every employee into a brand ambassador.”

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