Supertext injects creativity into the ATA60 conference

Meet the team at this year’s American Translators Association conference in Palm Springs from October 23 to 26, 2019 at Booth 31. Kristy Sakai, CEO of Supertext USA, will also be presenting on Friday, taking conference attendees on an in-depth journey into Supertext’s forte: transcreation.

The ATA is the event of the year for linguists looking to take their skills to the next level, meet new contacts, and learn from industry leaders. The three-day conference attracts 1400 translators, editors, and interpreters from all around the world and is packed with sessions on a wide range of topics from NMT and AI to translating graphic novels and creating style guides. For linguists who typically work remotely, it’s a chance to catch up on industry trends and be inspired.

Is transcreation your future?

And inspiration is exactly what Kristy intends to offer. As the language industry becomes increasingly automated, the flipside is a greater need for translations that are truly creative, culturally appropriate, and capture the target audience’s attention. But as Supertext knows, transcreation isn’t just translation on steroids. What makes a translator a super transcreator? How does the transcreation process differ from that of a translation? And what are typical projects that require transcreation? Kristy will talk about the challenges and rewards of creative translations using real-life examples and helpful tools.

Encounters in Palm Springs

What’s more, the global Supertext team will be at Booth 31 to meet new faces and greet old ones. Let us know if we’ll see you there!

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