3,000 product texts per week: a JUMBO project for Supertext

The new JUMBO online store is a must-see for every DIY fan. The product texts were penned by Supertext – in three languages and unbelievably large quantities.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When a customer is shopping online, however, they want to see in black and white why they should buy a particular item from a particular seller. For retail companies, this means that online shops with effective product descriptions are a key success factor. The more languages they “speak”, the larger the potential customer base – overseas, in neighboring countries or even right next door in multilingual Switzerland.

True to its slogan “Packen wir’s an” [Let’s do it], JUMBO undertook the digitalization of its entire range in German, French and Italian in 2016. When it came to the product texts for the brand-new online store, the traditional DIY store put its trust in Supertext.

The starting point:
60,000 products in three languages

In addition to the 40 JUMBO stores throughout Switzerland, the aim is for the entire range to be accessible via the online store in future – in German, French and Italian. With a range of 60,000 products, this is a bit of a challenge. Around 2,000 articles in the three languages were planned to start, with the rest of the range being continuously added.

The line-up:
48 language professionals who know their craft

Things got going in January with a first sprint run. Since then, 15 copywriters and 33 translators have been fine-tuning product descriptions for garden furniture, lamps, sanitation products, wood and building materials, bicycles and much more. The shop went online on February 21, 2018 with the first 2,000 articles and has been growing steadily ever since.

Two developers, two project managers and five language managers in the Zurich and Berlin offices are in charge of ensuring a seamless process. That’s in addition to more than 30 individuals involved on the client’s side.

The technology:
PIM integration – simple, secure and efficient

With a project of this size, manually processing the orders is unthinkable – it would be far too cumbersome and error-prone. That’s why the project team from Supertext IT and JUMBO developed a workflow which JUMBO employees can use to manage their orders right where the product information already is: in the PIM/MAM system from the company ContentServ.


For every new project, ContentServ generates an XML file. This includes product names, product details from suppliers and links to images – the basis of the copywriters’ and translators’ work. The XML files are stored on a secure SFTP server. The Supertext hot folder tool collects them from here and combines multiple files into single orders. The orders then arrive in our system via the Supertext REST API. After they have been successfully processed, the whole thing then automatically runs in reverse.

What’s more, the hot folder tool and our REST API can also be easily combined with other tools, from e-commerce software to PIM or CMS. For language expertise – delivered as part of your own processes.

The client feedback:
“Flawless service at accurate prices”

JUMBO was looking for a comprehensive package: product texts, translations and IT solutions from a single source. With its own IT department and a network of high-quality copywriters and translators, Supertext was the ideal partner. The results speak for themselves:

“During the partner selection process, Supertext convinced not only us, but also the digital professionals at Carpathia AG. And this first impression wasn’t wrong: even when dealing with large quantities, Supertext delivers flawless service at accurate prices.”

Denis Contessi, Head of Retail & E-Commerce Applications, JUMBO

The preparation:
how to make your online store a success

Planning is half the battle – something that the DIY professionals at JUMBO didn’t need to be told twice. Those in charge of the project contacted Supertext early on to plan and discuss the project schedule in detail. These were the key elements:

  • Time and product group planning
    When should which products be online? Were there seasonal special offers with fixed deadlines? JUMBO had specific ideas about how the project should be scheduled; it even planned the inclusion of a “warm-up phase” with regular feedback loops. The effects were clear: the copywriters and translators quickly got the hang of the desired tone.
  • Copywriter and translator casting
    Before everything got going, Supertext worked together with JUMBO to test, select and train suitable language professionals – a key component in the otherwise digital collaboration. It ensured that everything was set for a seamless start.
  • Database
    No output without input: the more product details and images you deliver, the more efficiently our copywriters and translators can work. The JUMBO project was a prime example of this: as the orders were managed directly in the PIM system, the client could see even before ordering what information was on hand and what was still missing.

Do you need eloquent support with the implementation of your multilingual online store? We’d be happy to put in a good word for you.

Cover image via Frits Ahlefeldt

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