Tech rental portal Grover expands with full-service linguistic support from Supertext

“Own your life – not your tech.” This is the strategy that gave Berlin-based e-commerce phenomenon Grover unicorn status in 2022. And the company’s just getting started. Supertext is on board to help implement its international plans in four languages – and counting.

Possessions? No, thank you.

From iPhones to VR goggles and projectors, if you need a tech product, you usually have to buy it. Ownership is a means to an end – and it can also be a stumbling block. What can you do if you only need a GoPro for a four-week trip, want to try out a gadget before you commit, or are hiring temporary reinforcements in the office and need laptops for a couple of months max?

Grover turned this insight into its business model. Today, the platform rents out more than 5,000 different products to private and business customers, and has already put over a million devices into circulation. It’s a win-win proposition, benefiting both customers’ bank accounts and the environment.

“Launch your dog’s TikTok career” in four languages

It soon became clear that Grover is meeting a real need in the German market. Customers can now conclude rental contracts directly with the electronics giant MediaMarktSaturn if they like, but the most important channels remain Grover’s own online store and app.

These have been driving Grover’s business to new heights internationally since 2020. The company started out by conquering the Netherlands and Spain, before making the jump to the US in 2021 with the establishment of a second HQ in Miami.

The one constant? Grover’s unmistakable tone of voice, visible everywhere from registration to push notifications for order confirmations. The brand aims to sound clear, human, informal, bold and unconventional. A comprehensive style guide lays out what that means in practice – for example, “Rent a smartphone to shoot more videos” is too vague. Grover prefers something more specific and approachable, like “Rent a smartphone to launch your dog’s TikTok career”.

20+ specialists, one central point of contact

Since summer 2021, the Supertext team has processed around 500 orders in English, Spanish, German and Dutch to support Grover’s linguistic expansion. Texts range from content writing for blogs and hundreds of product descriptions, through the localization of promotional campaigns for new markets, to the surgically precise specialist translation of legal texts.

In order to always achieve the best result for each type of content, the team working on them is just as wide-ranging. Over 20 language professionals – from UX specialists to machine translation experts and creative copywriters – have been involved so far.

Project Manager Kseniya Seliun makes sure that the whole thing runs smoothly. She coordinates the work of the linguists, ensures efficient processes and is the central point of contact for Grover, allowing the team there to focus on what matters most: driving its own growth.

Perfectly precise translations thanks to visual context in Figma

One focus of the collaboration is the implementation of website, newsletter and app elements in Dutch and Spanish. For this, Supertext works with selected linguists with experience in UX projects. And a workflow in which the translated texts are fed directly back into Grover’s design tool Figma.

How long can the translated text be? Where are the line breaks? And what design elements appear around the content? Before each delivery, Supertext checks how the text looks in the final layout, and can adjust if something doesn’t fit, as in the example below.


Grover multilingual app screen


“By far the best localization partner I’ve worked with”

The tech revolution has only just begun. Grover has long been exploring other markets and wants to continue expanding its linguistic diversity. The next steps are still a secret. But for Gunes Guler, Brand & Localization Manager at Grover, it’s clear why she wants Supertext to be a part of the journey:

“Extremely fast project management, easy ordering processes, great content quality in all languages and touchpoints. That is why, after only a couple of weeks, we made Supertext the single source for all our translation needs, whether it’s a legal, product or marketing text.”

Cover image and screenshots via Grover

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