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Connecting the world: Gotthard Base Tunnel and Supertext

The Swiss are usually reserved people that don’t flaunt their achievements. But this time, even they couldn’t help themselves: when the Gotthard Base Tunnel was opened last week, they blew their Swiss horns to commemorate the feat.

Innovative, precise and on time

At 57 km long and up to 2.3 km deep, perhaps the most astonishing aspect of this engineering triumph is the fact after 17 years of work, the tunnel was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. It is a work of Swiss precision to the max, facilitated by the country’s innovative spirit. It not only revolutionizes European freight transport by cutting transportation times between important hubs such as Rotterdam, Zurich and Milan, but also brings two linguistic regions of Switzerland – German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, the Italian-speaking region – closer together.

Supertext is Swiss made

Supertext is made in Switzerland – and this shows in our translation, copywriting and editing services. We work to the same quality standards as the Gotthard team: however complex or difficult the project, you can count on our efficiency, accuracy and reliability to make it happen. We take great pride in every report we translate, every headline we copywrite and every article we edit – but you won’t hear us boasting. Maybe it’s just the sound of the Alphorn.

Picture: © AlpTransit Gotthard AG

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