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Proofreading, revision or editing job? Angela Merkel explains it to you.


The Chancellor is running for office once again. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s a good idea. When it comes to texts, however, there’s always room for another round.

Mistakes happen in politics as well. Let’s take a look at some of the linguistic ones. This list of demands, for example, could have used a revision. Or would a proofread have been enough to spare the CSU’s blushes?

Text optimization is full of these kinds of ambiguities. Many customers (or their bosses) only know the most common word: revision. But what does a revision involve? Are there other options? Let us explain, with a little help from Angie.


When you send your text for proofreading, it’ll be vetted thoroughly – but only in the narrowest sense of the term. Are the spelling and grammar correct? That’s it. We’ll even do a double check on request. Because two heads are better than one.


“Welcome Mergkel – we’d like to invite you for coffee in a camper van”

(Headline from the Danish newspaper «Ekstra Bladet»)


Once it’s been proofread, your text is objectively error-free. But an error-free text isn’t the same as a good text. That’s what a revision is for: it offers a content and style check. Is your text intelligible? Could it be made clearer by changing the syntax? Are you using abbreviations consistently? Does the text contain interminable sentences that could be broken up? However, it remains your text – we only make changes where they’re really necessary.

“Everything that hasn’t happened yet is the future, if it’s not the present.”

Better: “Everything that’s not the past is either the future or the present.” (Merkel on her book Dialog über Deutschlands Zukunft (‘Dialogue on Germany’s Future’))


Can’t stand the sight of your text? Then editing is the service for you! We’ll take a hatchet to your text and strip out all the dead wood. If necessary, we’ll rewrite it completely, using the original content as a guide – and, of course, employing only tried-and-tested copywriters, authors and journalists. You can even tell us what style you want – the more precise the better! And proofreading is included too, naturally.


“The internet is uncharted territory for all of us.”

Delete. (Merkel’s comment on the NSA scandal)

Still have questions? The Chancellor’s schedule is looking pretty busy at the moment. Why not try us instead?

Cover picture via Flickr: Angela Merkel – European People’s Party (CC BY 2.0)

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