Thirteen herbs, four languages and a whole new website: Supertext translates for Ricola

Ricola has completely relaunched its website, and Supertext was there as its language partner to creatively translate the website into three different languages.

Ricola’s new website is now online. The design has become clearer and the content more lively, so the traditional Swiss manufacturer can quickly and clearly communicate the most important information about the Ricola brand and company to users.

To kick off the collaboration, Supertext held a translator ‘casting’ for French, Italian and English to select the right translators to put in a good word for Ricola for the rest of the project.

24,000 herb drops a minute – 6 billion herb drops a year

The expectations for the relaunch were clear from the start: the quality of the website needed to match the quality and naturalness of the original Swiss herb drop. Which was no problem for the Zurich-based copywriting and translation agency.

The new website launched on November 7 and offers visitors the opportunity to learn all about Ricola, from the story of how the family business was founded to the secrets of the famous 13-herb mix and the manufacturing of the 6 billion herb drops made each year. And not just in German, French and Italian for Switzerland, but also in English for international visitors to the website.

Cover image via Ricola

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