Supertext in loco parentis for Famigros’ content strategy

Famigros is putting its trust in content marketing – and in Supertext, its outsourcing partner for text, images and research.

Events; excursions; craft, cooking and leisure tips – Famigros, Migros’ club for families, offers high-quality content alongside attractive special offers. The message: Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail company, is the first port of call for families. It’s a longstanding success story that recently received an award for its equally successful rebranding.

Supertext’s copywriters have been putting their expertise to work for Famigros since 2013, creating everything from fliers and direct mailings to a pregnancy newsletter for mothers-to-be. In 2017, they then added a new project to their portfolio.

A search engine that keeps it in the family

Google may be the mother of all search engines, but famigros.ch is now the search engine of all mothers. And fathers. It lists more than 700 excursion destinations across Switzerland – in line with SEO requirements, naturally.

A detailed filter function helps families get an overview of relevant information. An example: you’re looking for a free summer activity for 7- to 12-year-olds in the Zurich area. As there will also be a newborn with you, the event should be accessible for strollers and offer baby changing facilities. Famigros immediately comes up with 22 activities that perfectly match your needs. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Fine words are nice, complete solutions are better

To manage the high volume of content, Famigros is putting its trust in outsourcing – and in its full service partner Supertext. Rather than simply being handed copywriting orders, we’ve been entrusted with the whole production chain. New destinations are delivered each month, along with three focus keywords for each. Then it’s over to our copywriters and project managers. They do the research, make calls, arrange images and come up with at least one insider tip per destination. And then deliver the ready-made content back to Famigros.

Monika Liechti, head of Famigros, said:

“We’re delighted to have found a reliable partner in our mission to offer families across Switzerland the greatest possible selection of entertaining excursions. Supertext doesn’t just produce first-class texts, it also does the research and delivers all the content complete with images.”

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