Want more freelancer jobs? Try turning some down

The supersystem gives our freelancers the option of declining jobs as well as accepting them. Here are four good reasons to make use of it.

1. Don’t leave us hanging

Our language managers are always busy, which means they often can’t afford to sit around waiting for freelancers to respond. Of course, we’ll be sad that you’re turning down a job – we chose you for a reason, after all – but we still want to know, so that we can start looking for another freelancer as soon as possible.

2. Quotas are for factories

We take a lot of different factors into account when evaluating your work, from punctuality and style to client feedback – but not how often you turn jobs down. That’s because a quick reply, even in the negative, demonstrates efficiency. And if you’re booked out, you must be doing something right.

3. A “no” is a learning experience for us

It’s logical: the better we know you, the more jobs we can send you – and the better they’ll suit your skills. Declining a job also helps the LM team to understand you, especially when you add a comment telling us why you’re not able to take it on.

4. It’s simple

1. Click on the link in the job offer email.

2. Tell us why you can’t take on the job.


It helps our language management team, and it helps you. Thank you!

Cover image via unsplash (CC0)

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