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Bigger, better and more interactive – the Supertext Freelancer Convention in Berlin

The Supertext Freelancer Convention on Friday had just one goal: to be an interactive language event with a fantastic atmosphere. After a half-day of fascinating presentations, riddles and socializing, we can say for certain that we accomplished our mission.

On Friday, November 15, around 85 participants from our pool of freelancers and Supertext employees came together at Berlin’s Salzufer for our first ever Freelancer Convention. The main aim of the event was to combine having a good time with all things language.

Exchanges between like-minded people

Supertext has already hosted freelancer events in past years, taking the time to get to know freelancers and thank them for their collaboration. The format was usually a buffet and drinks reception at the Supertext mothership in Zurich. But this year’s event was to be even bigger and better – and more interactive. The idea was also to make it possible for more freelancers to come along. After all, there are now over 2,000 people across the globe putting in a good word for Supertext and our clients.

The goal? For freelancers and Supertext employees to actively share their knowledge with one another, give each other insights into how they work, provide feedback and suggestions for improvement – and have fun! In short, we wanted to organize an event where like-minded people could meet each other – and so the Freelancer Convention was born. And the hip Loft am Salzufer, not far from the Supertext Berlin office, provided the perfect venue.

Here’s how it went

Participants enjoyed a super half-day: after the welcome and some insight into the company from Managing Partner Fabian Dieziger, Kristy Sakai gave a keynote speech in which she explained why transcreation is such an important part of the art of translation. The subsequent coffee break provided plenty of opportunity for discussion thanks to the creative networking missions that participants came up with in groups earlier on.

“Good transcreators are the unicorns of the language industry: they’re really hard to find.”

Kristy Sakai, CEO Los Angeles

Glimpses into a language manager’s daily work and interesting tips for optimizing freelancer profiles followed. Then the fun and games kicked off with riddles and idioms from across the globe. And as they say, winners are grinners – the prize for guessing correctly was a little bottle of Berliner Luft liquor. The evening was capped off with food, drinks and a whole lot of fun in classic Supertext style.

Supertext would like to say a super big thank you. And we’ve put together a little video of highlights from the event.

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Video via Supertext

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