Translator casting opens multilingual doors with Supertext

How would you rather decorate your apartment – with a random picture from Ikea, or with a painting by a specific artist, carefully selected to match the rest of your decor? Probably the latter, right? The same is true of marketing texts and translations: hitting the right note is an art form, and choosing the perfect provider is key.

Swiss company Glutz has been providing custom building access solutions since 1863. In spring 2021, the company commissioned Supertext to revamp its brand identity while staying true to its heritage. Glutz was looking for a team that could handle creating both neutral product descriptions and distinctive marketing texts embodying Glutz’s expert brand voice – and then translating them into English and French with a focus on the target audience.

Would you care to choose a style?

Supertext provided plenty of options to choose from, with four expert linguists per language competing for Glutz’s favor in each of three services: comprehensive editing for source texts, transcreation and general translation.

Here are a few examples demonstrating the different directions that a creative marketing translator can take a single source text:


Example 1: German --> English (UK)

German source text

Wie Glutz zum befreiten Spiel von Lausanne-Sport beiträgt

Translation by person 1

On the ball!
How Glutz contributes to Lausanne- Sport’s confident performance

Translation by person 2

Starting whistle
How Glutz is contributing to the beautiful game at Lausanne-Sport

Translation by person 3

Ready for kick-off!
How Glutz is helping Lausanne-Sport play its best game

Translation by person 4

Kick off!
How Glutz is helping the Lausanne-Sport football team to play freely

Example 2: German --> French (Switzerland)

German source text

Licht am Ende des Tunnels
Auch bei Sicherheitslösungen für Spezialobjekte ist Glutz Ihr Partner, auf den Sie bauen und vertrauen können.

Translation by person 1

La lumière au bout du tunnel
Glutz est également votre partenaire de confiance en matière de solutions de sécurité pour les objets spéciaux.

Translation by person 2

Lueur d’espoir à l’horizon
En matière de sécurité des bâtiments spéciaux, Glutz est un partenaire de confiance sur lequel vous pouvez compter.

Translation by person 3

La lueur au bout du tunnel
Glutz est également le partenaire fiable qu’il vous faut pour les solutions de sécurité destinées à des objets spéciaux.

Translation by person 4

La lumière au bout du tunnel
Glutz est également votre partenaire de confiance en matière de solutions de sécurité pour les objets spéciaux.


However, the human touch isn’t only important for transcreations: it’s also key to successful specialist translations in technical fields. Here, concrete examples allowed Glutz to select the translators and editors who best struck the note it wanted.

Human meets high-tech

Once the right team was on board, the project could kick off. Within three weeks, Supertext polished the original German texts to perfection and provided English and French versions to help Glutz reach customers across Europe.

Technology made the process even more efficient: Supertext stored every word of the translations in a translation memory, meaning that similar or identical passages in later texts could be filled in automatically. This is a real boon when it comes to repetitive texts such as product descriptions, and helps the language services provider complete large order volumes up to 30% faster.

“Fast, flexible and helpful”

Christian Kofmel, head of Glutz’s marketing team, was responsible for the relaunch project. He’s thoroughly convinced by the partnership with Supertext:

“High-quality texts are key to reaching our target group, and Supertext is a super partner that provides an elegant solution for foreign markets – from the helpful casting to the rapid delivery and flexible project management.”

Cover image from Glutz

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