Suiting up for Supertext!

Just one day before Wonder Woman soared into US theaters, I arrived at Supertext in peace.

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that anybody here has a superhero complex. But just after a month as a Project Manager I’m realizing that we PMs use our powers of linguistic intuition, organization, and networking to create and facilitate solutions for challenging projects.

A call to action

This multifunctionality suits me quite well, and it’s what sparked my interest in Supertext in the first place. The Bat Signal came in the form of a job posting: the perfect applicant would be passionate about languages, organized, and tech savvy. Superpowers, a plus. Basically my name beamed up into the sky.

From sea to shining sea

I was born and raised on the eastern coast of Virginia, birthplace to more US presidents than superheros. From an early age, I was entranced by the special ability of my father and Oma to have secret conversations in German, and I desired to possess this talent myself. As I was not gifted with omnilingualism, I packed my bags and flew to Germany on two separate occasions to study abroad (both times by airplane, since the ability of flight had eluded me as well). Fast forward a few years and, with a bachelor’s degree, a transcontinental move, and a day job of retail management behind me, I’m finally heeding my true calling.

With great power comes great responsibility

As a PM, my primary purpose is to fulfill the project lifecycle by communicating with clients and connecting with reputable freelancers. From creative copywriting to complex translation projects, I’m learning that a few tools empower the process – the Supertext system and CAT tools, to start. So while my cape might take the form of a cardigan these days, I’m excited to join my fellow project managers in coming to the rescue of our clients. After all, our mission is to free the world from bad copy. Which for us is all in a day’s work.

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