Next step: MA fail

Yep, it’s official! I did not get in.


In my last post I told you that I was applying for a Master’s program at the University of Bristol. I must say, I was quite confident about getting in. But something went wrong and at the beginning of August I was informed that I would not be accepted.

What went wrong

I tend to do everything at the last moment. And the application reflected this. In my motivation letter, it was apparent that I had been thinking about the program, but the decision to apply had been made last minute. And that is not a good thing. Universities do not accept students that might change their mind and drop out. Furthermore, I did not get everything checked by a second person and as we all know: a second pair of eyes is essential.

A lesson learned?

It’s all good – I still have time to do a graduate program, be it in translation or management or even marine biology. Who knows?! One thing’s for sure: it’s never too late to start if you really want to do something. But will I approach things differently next time? Give myself a bit more time? I would hope so, but you know what they say – old habits die hard.

Cover image via Flickr: Ever Tried Ever Failed? – Aaron Davis (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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